Autumn Awakening

Days: 16 – 17 & 18 November

Location: Hotel Douma

Participants: 15

Autumn Awakening

Days: 16 – 17 & 18 November

Location: Hotel Douma

Participants: 15

Autumn Awakening theme is centered around stress management. In November 2018, 15 participants came together to learn, discover and experience the latest techniques in releasing stress and calming their minds.

Dr. Mayssam Saliba initiated participants into meditation and each one received their personalized Mantra as reinforcement for their practice.

Ms. Annie Le Brun and with only the use of simple easy props, released stress points in the body of participants while explaining to them accurately what happens in their body faced by external factors.

Dr. Samir Challita joined in for an interesting talk about sleep and its importance, while Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner Ms. Rosa Maria Kallas guided the group in Life assessment workshops mixed with NLP mind reprogramming sessions.

Participants woke up early morning to meditate, move, and enjoyed healthy food in a beautiful environment. They gathered at night over the fire and shared unforgettable moments.


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Meet this Year’s AUTUMN AWAKENING 2018 team. The theme of this retreat was centered around Stress Management.


Inspired Fascial Trainer and Myofascial Therapist

A native Canadian, currently living in Germany, and with more than 14 years of experience in physiotherapy clinics and hospitals, Annie has developed the ability to relieve her clients pain and discomfort by using a certain technique of touch, that targets the very inner web of the body (The Fascia). By doing so, she is able to target the root cause of common ailments and body aches, deconstructing the problems in the human body and healing it. She helps her clients, to recover from injury, reduce stiffness, and re-learn proper posture and alignment which allow them to live with ease and flow. “Healing Movement” is her mantra. She teaches her client how to consciously take care of their bodies and guides them to expand organically through proper alignment. A native Canadian living in Germany today, she had worked with men and women from all walks of life, from athletes, to corporate, and office workers, she has done it all. Her career as a Massage Therapist and Myofascial trainer, grew in her her a great sense of intuition and a special connection to the human body. For her, the body is like a book and all body parts have stories to tell, which are revealed by our postures. “The more aligned your body, the more clear is your mind”, Annie says. Annie Lebrun, lives her passion daily in by changing lives one session at a time.

It was a privilege to be invited as a speaking guest, for the first Autumn Awakening MBH Retreats.

What a mind-blowing experience!

With such creativity and mastery, Mayssam and Rosa Maria have created a sacred ground. What an honour to have watch hearts beaming, detoxicated judgements, shifting mindsets and sparkling eyes. I too got infected.

Collaborating with MBH Retreats is no work. It is entering a space where passion and purpose go hand in hand. I love your synergy!

Annie Le Brun

The Body Matrix Specialist



Samir J Challita, MD, MPH.
Sleep Medicine Specialist

  • Sleep Medicine Diploma from Paris Descartes University, France.
  • Head of department of sleep medicine, Notre Dame Maritime hospital.
  • Pulmonary and Intensive care specialist.